Stack Your Swing for Maximum Impact

Great impact is all about compressing the ball against the clubface with as much force as possible.  To ensure that you achieve solid impact try to emulate the following move.

1.  Your spine must tilt away from your target at impact.  If it's in a vertical position, or tilted towards your target, you will never be able to achieve solid impact.

2.  At least 75 percent of your weight should be over your left leg at impact.  This may seem impossible to do while keeping your spine tilting away from your target, but it can be done.  Almost every pro achieves this position.

3.  The back of your left hand should be facing the target.  This will ensure a square clubface.  You can do everything else right but if you don't do this your impact will be poor.  A closed or open clubface will impart too much side spin and you'll never get your shots on target.

Remember to do the three things listed above and you'll be able to feel yourself in the "stacked" position required for maximum impact and ball compression.