The Seven Iron Putting Stroke

A quick and easy to use tip around the green is to use a putting stroke with your seven iron.  If you have a tight or bare lie it is often hard to strike a wedge cleanly.  Many amateurs strike the ground behind the ball causing the club to skip into the ball producing a skulled shot.  If their aren't any obstacles in front of you try this shot.

Use your seven iron for this shot.  Stand more upright like you would for a putt and, if it is different, use your putting grip.  Take the seven iron back exactly like you would your putter and then make a firm, but not too hard, forward stroke.

The ball should fly a short distance in the air and won't get very much height, but it will roll nicely towards the line you started it on.  Practice this at your courses chipping green to learn how far you hit it with your normal putting stroke.  Lengthen or shorten your stroke to achieve different distances.

If you have to go over any obstacles this shot won't work very well, but it is another shot to add to your arsenal of options. 

Download an audio version of this lesson here: Seven Iron Putting Chip

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