Guide to Hybrid Golf Clubs

Traditional Style Hybrid
Welcome to our special guide for hybrid irons. The most requested lesson on is how to hit and use hybrid irons. We have developed this special section of our website to answer as many questions as possible and guide you to more success with this unique and interesting club. We cover everything from how to choose a hybrid that is right for you and how to hit some shots that you may not of even thought of.

Hopefully this guide will help you out and if you have any questions that you would like answered feel free to email us at We will take your question and see if we can turn it into a new golf tip or lesson to help improve your game.

Section 1 - Hybrid Irons Explained

History of the hybrid iron
Why do you need or want a hybrid club?

Section 2 - How to Choose a Hybrid Iron

Deciding on a style
Testing a hybrid

Section 3 - How to Hit a Hybrid

Basics: How to hit a hybrid golf club

Section 4 - Creative Shots with Your New Club

Hybrid Punch Shot
Heavy Rough Chip
The Bender
The Blaster