How to Hit Down on a Golf Ball

Hitting down on a golf ball is required to produce excellent iron shots. Any other swing path will produce thin, skulled, and topped shots. It may seem counterintuitive at first but simple geometry comes into play.

When you strike down on an iron the ball will compress against the face of the club and rebound off the clubhead in the opposite direction. It will take off on a line that is perpendicular to the face of the clubhead, which propels the ball into the air using the clubs natural loft.

To achieve a descending blow and present the clubface to the ball properly use this simple technique. To hit down on the ball your hands must be out in front and leading the clubhead. Take your normal backswing and at the top of your swing think about swinging your hands directly at the ball. This will produce a steep descending blow towards the ball. Make sure you keep your hands moving all the way through and past the ball, they will naturally release right at the bottom of the swing which will also increase your clubhead speed and the distance the ball flies. Don't be surprised if you notice more backspin on the ball as well.

Practice this at the range before trying to use it in a round, you'll more than likely hit a few shots heavy at first.