The high lob flop shot

One of the most useful shots to have in your short game arsenal is the high lob or flop shot. Being able to stop the ball next to your target when you have to go over another obstacle is a definite advantage to your game. Setting up for a flop shot doesn't require very many steps, but executing the shot properly will take some practice.

Here are the steps required to set up properly for a high lob shot.

First, you will need to open your stance about 45° from your intended target. Next you will need to lay the face of the club open to about 45° as well. The back of the club head will almost be laying flat on the ground.

Now for the swing. You want your swing path to follow the line that is set up with your feet. This will be an out-to-in swing path which will help slide the clubhead underneath the ball. By sliding the club underneath the ball it will come out very high and very soft even though you are using a full swing. Don't be afraid to take a full swing with this shot, if executed correctly the ball will travel, at most, about 20 yards.

One of the main keys is to make sure that you keep your hands ahead of the clubhead throughout the swing until well after the ball. If you release your hands to quickly the clubhead will flip into the ball causing you to blade it across the green. Remember to let the loft of the clubhead do the work for you. Manipulating with your hands will only lead to disaster.

You also want to place the ball slightly ahead of center in your stance. Think of the ball position you use when you hit your driver, you don't want to get too far outside of your left foot. Placing the ball too far forward will cause your to sway into the ball and you will have a hard time keeping yourself from hitting a thin or bladed shot.

Practice this shot at the range before trying it during the middle of a round. If you haven't tried this shot before you don't want to take a chance when you are out on the course.

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