The Ten Finger Grip

Use a baseball style grip for more feel and control

Golf bag with clubs
Some call it a baseball grip, others a ten finger grip, either way it can help you get up and down with your short game. A ten finger grip is when you don't overlap or interlock any of your fingers together. You still grip the club with the same fundamentals that you would use if you were taking a full swing with your normal grip. Grip the club primarily in the fingers with moderate grip pressure and the hands should be set up so that they work together.

You shouldn't have to change anything else about your grip to utilize this technique. You'll get a little finer feel from the ten finger grip and it will also firm up your wrists which is a good trait for a short shot, it will lead to less movement in the hands and better shots.

There really isn't anything else that needs to be done. Practice hitting some short and long chips and about 10 pitch shots before your round using this grip. You'll get the hang of this technique in no time.