Short Iron Control

Grip Down for Better Shots

You can use this tip to hit more accurate short iron golf shots. The short irons, 8 iron through pitching wedge, should be clubs you hit with great accuracy. One thing you can do to control the short irons is to grip down on the club.

Move your hands down the club about a half an inch. From that point just take your normal grip. You can move them a full inch for ulitmate control. The ball will fly a shorter distance than a normal full swing and it will fly on a slightly lower trajectory. Don't worry about that though, the shorter distance and lower ball flight will aid in your accuracy, and that's the whole point of gripping down. Some people will see no loss in distance because of the ease in which the clubhead is controlled. This will lead to more solid contact than normal. Thus resulting in no loss of distance and sometimes even an increase in distance.

Just remember to take your normal swing and don't try to overswing to make up for lost distance. The whole key is to hit pinpoint laser irons. Many poor iron shots are due to overswinging, which causes the ball to balloon into the air and go off line.

The next time you are presented with a short iron shot simply take dead aim, grip down on the club, and make a smooth natural swing. Your short iron game will improve and your scores will go down.

Common Questions

Will gripping down on a iron make them shorter?

While the net effect is that the club becomes a little bit shorter and easier to control it's not the same as actually making a club physically shorter.  There is a slight counter-balance effect that is created by the end of the club that is exposed above the hands when you grip down.  This changes the balance slightly and if you are using clubs that are too long for you it would be better to have them shortened by a small amount.