Golf bag with clubs

The Pitch and Run

Use the pitch and run when you have a straight shot at the hole with a little bit of distance from your ball to the green. This shot is more predictable than trying to fly the ball to the hole and stop it with a lot of spin.

The setup is very easy for this shot. Take your normal stance and place the ball a little bit towards the back of your stance. Don't move it back too far, otherwise you'll just smother the ball and it won't fly through the air but will roll across the ground. Now place your hands a little bit forward to deloft the club slightly. You can hit a pitch and run with any golf club and most people use an 8-iron through a sand wedge to hit this shot. The further you have to carry the ball onto the green the more lofted club you will need to use. From this point go ahead and start your swing but don't cock your wrists, you want to keep them firm. Take a one-quarter or one-half backswing and gently accelerate through the ball. Don't let the clubhead "turn over" through the swing. You want the clubhead pointing at the sky when you finish. Your follow-through should be about as long as your backswing.

If you'v edone everything correctly the ball should land just on the green and roll out to its destination. Practice with different clubs and backswing lengths to get a feel for the distance the ball will fly and roll.