Hook Your Wedge

A key to consistent wedge play

When you think of the kind of shots that hook most people think of drivers and long irons, not many think of hooking a wedge. Surprisingly this is a great way to add consistency to your game. A hooking wedge is actaully very easy to control and is a very repeatable shot. The ability to create the same repeating shot is the key to scoring well with your wedges. Learn this shot to make your short game shine.

Set up aimed slightly right of your target. Make sure that your feet, legs, and shoulders are all aimed to the right. Just aiming your feet to the right will not be enough. Aim the clubhead directly at the target. This will cause the face to be slightly closed which will produce the draw that we are looking for. Swing back slightly to the inside and think about throwing your arms to the right of the target on the downswing. Make sure you don't swing right at the actual target or the ball will hook much more than you want it too. The ball should take off at a slightly lower trajectory than normal and when it hits the green the ball will roll about 10-15 feet. It won't spin back or stop dead but it will roll out to a consistent distance every time.

This is a shot that you can bank on. Learn it and you'll see your scores going down.