Escape Trouble with the Chunk and Run

Stuck in deep rough around the green? Getting out of unusually deeep greenside rough is easier than you may think. Use the Chunk and Run to put yourself on the putting surface.

This shot will roll quite a distance so it will be difficult to control the distance, but the key here is to get out of trouble and give yourself a reasonable putt. Follow this technique and you can turn three or four shots into two.

This shot is kind of like a bunker shot. You'll actually be hitting slightly behind the ball instead of the ball itself. Strike one or two inches behind the ball. Make sure you hold on to the club just a little bit tighter than normal. Hitting the ground first may cause the club to twist so a firm grip is essential. Take an open stance which will allow you to make a steep chop down behind the ball. Keep your weight on the left side of your body to help make that descending blow. Think about sticking the club in the ground, a long follow through is not required and will actually hurt your chances of hitting a good shot.

Remember just getting out of trouble is the main goal. Get the ball on the green and give yourself a chance.