Hole More Chips by Using a Hybrid Club

Fluffy or hard pan conditions around a green can be some of the most difficult shots for many golfers. Luckily most players have the perfect club for such situations already in their bag, and it's not the wedge!

When you're up close to the green most golfers only think about using the normal short yardage clubs. Unfortunately this can lead to a lot of bladed or fluffed shots. Instead think of using a club normally used for longer approach shots, the hybrid iron. It doesnt' have a sharp leading edge that gets stuck in the rough and has very little bounce so it glides over hard pan surfaces. Getting it on the green is dead simple. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Grip down on the club about 2 inches.
2. Take your putting stance but aim your body and feet a about 3 feet left of the hole. Aim the clubface directly at the hole. This will promote a little bit of spin on the shot which will help the ball check up a little bit.
3. You're almost ready, now just take your normal putting stroke. If the rough is thick you'll have to swing the club back a little further.

Don't rush the stroke, but make sure that you accelerate through the ball. The ball should get airborne for a few feet and then roll the rest of the way to the hole. This shot works best when you have about 20 to 30 feet between you and the hole.