For Better Putting, Stripe It

A big key to success in putting is rolling the ball exactly on the line you intended. Unfortunately, most amatuers struggle with this. This is ususally caused by a bad putter path or misaligned clubface at impact. You can straighten both of those problems out without a lot of fancy gear.

Do this the next time you go to the practice green.

Simply draw a straight line all the way around your golf ball like your drawing an equator line on a globe. Now position the line so that it is aiming straight down your intended target path. Now stroke some putts. If your path or clubhead are off line the ball will look like it's wobboling. Practice until you can putt the ball with a minimum of wobble.

If you can't draw a straight line around the ball (you will probably need a sharpie and one of those tools to draw straight lines on a golf ball) you can always practice with a range ball. Most of them already have a nice wide straight stripe on them.

Practice this for 10 minutes before your round and you'll see your putting improve.