Speed Control Putting

Roll your putts the perfect speed and distance

Controlling the speed of your putter has a direct effect of the speed of the ball and how many putts you sink. If you are having trouble stroking your putts the right distance your control of the putter may need some work. Here is a drill to help you roll the ball at the proper speed.

First find a spot on the practice green that will allow you to stroke uphill, downhill and sidehill putts. Place a coin in the exact middle of this spot. Move 15 feet away from the coin. This is about 5 normal sized steps. Starting with an uphill putt is usually best as it forces you to be a little bit more aggressive. Stroke 10 putts towards the coin with the goal of stopping the ball about 4 inches past the coin. you can use your putterhead to measure about 4 inches. The goal is to get consistent with your speed without the distraciton of putting into a hole.

Try putting 10 balls from each station, uphill, downhill, and sidehill (from each side to experience different breaks). Focus on what you are feeling when you stroke each putt. Try to visualize the roll of the ball before each stroke. Notice how far you take the putterhead back and the speed which you come through. When you find a rhythm that works try to ingrain that stroke. Do this before each round of golf you play. You can go through the 40 putts in about 10 minutes.

When you start to roll the ball consistently move back about 2 feet and practice from that distance as well. Try 5 balls at 15 feet and 5 from 17 feet. The goal is to make sure you practice this before each round. Adding too many repititions will kill your desire to use this practice method.

You should see a definite improvment in your putting within a few weeks at the longest. Remember, visualize the line, putterhead speed, and acceleration and you'll soon be sinking putts from everywhere.