The Super Punch

Control your mid irons

Golf bag with clubs
Mid iron shots present an oppourtunity that needs to be taken advantage of. Even though you aren't close enough to use a short iron, you've hit it long enough to be in a scoring zone. One thing you will need to accomplish with your mid-irons is control. This can be achieved with a special shot that I like to call the "super punch". I use it often to land my ball on the green with a good scoring chance.

This shot is all about the right hand and forearm. You don't want to use this technique on other shots because it really doesn't work well with the shorter clubs or drivers and fairway woods. You could use it with a long iron but that isn't even the best idea. This shot has been tuned for your six and seven iron and for some golfers an eight iron too. Here are the basics on how to hit this controlled mid iron that will fly low yet check up nice when it hits the green.

Normally both arms should work together in a golf swing, but this time we are going to let the right hand and arm take over more than usual. First take your normal setup but with the ball positioned about 2 inches behind its normal position. Now take the club back as you normally would but only to the three quarters position. We don't want a full swing for this shot. Now here is the key, initiate the downswing with the right arm and try to hit down directly on the ball. To get the right position think of your hand as a hammer and the ball as a nail. Pound the ball into the ground with that hammer (your right hand/arm). Make sure you follow through but don't release to your normal position. Try to limit your follow through to a three quarters position.

If you execute properly the ball will come out low, fast, and with a lot of spin. This shot requires some practice so give it a few tries at the range before you use it on the course.

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