Better Ball Striking

The key to better mid-iron shots

When you get to the mid irons ball striking becomes the main key. You are now close enough to the green to put it on the putting surface, but still far enough away that landing on the green is anything but assured. If you can improve your ball striking with the mid-irons you will see your scores improve.

Hitting the green with the short irons (8-Wedge) is ususally much easier than with the mid-irons (5-7). The shorter length allows the golfer to easily make a descending blow onto the golf ball, delivering a clean strike. This is slightly harder with the mid-irons. This downward blow will eliminate tops, fat shots, and general mis-hits.

To promote a downward strike on the ball do the following:

  • Take your normal stance and move the ball back about one half inch in your stance.
  • Put a little bit more weight on your left side than normal.
  • Keep your left foot planted to the ground on the backswing.
  • Swing away like normal.

The combination of the ball being slightly farther back and your weight being a little bit more forward will cause a nice descending strike on the ball.

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