Hitting Hybrid Irons

Learn to hit hybrids from the fairway or rough

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Having trouble hitting your hybrid golf iron? Hybrids clubs are great for escaping out of trouble but they require different techniques from the fairway or rough compared to striking one off a tee.

When hitting off a tee the ball should be hit just past the bottom of your swing. This will cause the ball to be hit on the upswing. If you use this same technique from the fairway or rough you'll end up with a lot of topped shots that are unpredictable and don't go very far. A hybrid shot requires a descending blow, just like your 6 or 7 iron. Strike down on the ball and it will fly high and true.

Use the following drill at the practice range to create the perfect descending downswing.

Set up to the hybrid iron like you normally would. Take your stance, set up to the ball and then take a golf tee and put it in the ground about One and a half feet behind the ball. Place it in line with the ball-target line. Put a ball on the tee. Now try to swing and hit the regular ball without touching the ball that is on the tee. This will require a swing with a descending blow, just like your 6 or seven iron. Practice this 10 times and then hit 10 more without the ball.

If you're still struggling do the drill again. Practice this drill at least once every few weeks and you'll be hitting perfect fairway hybrid irons.