Your plan for better golf

Just as you should plan your attack for playing a complete round of golf, and even a complete golf hole, you should plan each and every shot. Visualisation is a key factor in executing and achieving your plan.

Before you strike any shot you should visualize what the ball will do. How will you strike it? How will it fly through the air? Are you playing a punch-shot? Maybe a high fade that lands softly on the green and rolls right up next to the pin. Try to imagine exactly how your ball will react. This will only take a few seconds to do and the positive images it produces will lead to better golf shots.

Use visualisation when you are putting as well. This is a great way to determine what the break of the green will be. You'll find that your green reading abilities with drastically improve if you visualize the ball breaking on a certain line with the correct speed.

Visualize your success on every shot.

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