Plan Your Attack by Playing the Hole Backwards

Play to your strengths

Here's a quick tip to improve your scores withought having to change a thing in your swing. Try to think through the layout of the hole from the green backwards.

Glance down the fairway at the green. Try to locate what side of the green the hole is located on. This will reveal the optimum angle to approach the green from. Also look at the landing area in the fairway. Is there a water hazard? Bunkers? Can you reach them with your tee shot? Can you hit over them? These are all things that you have to consider when teeing off.

If you have a favorite club that you hit really well you may want to play to a distance that will leave in the perfect spot to hit that club. This means that you don't always want to hit your driver. An iron off the tee may be a better choice. An iron may also leave you short of any hazards that you usually encounter off the tee.

Also consider that you may be better off to hit three iron shots instead of trying to hit a driver that ends up putting you in the woods.

If you work your way back from the green you can plan your attack and shoot lower scores.

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