Golf bag with clubs

Mens Golf Sets

Buying a complete set of clubs is appealing to most golfers and luckily you will have a large selection of beginner and advanced models to choose from. Major manufacturers offer complete sets that are competitively priced for all golfers budgets. Choosing what set to purchase will come down to personal and performance preferences. Purchase a set with these points in mind.

Complete Sets

Sets will come in different sizes so purchasing one that matches your body type is crucial. Off the rack standard sizes will fit most golfers, but some will require longer or shorter shafts. Other golfers may require that the lie of the club be adjust to an upright or flat position. Try the set out at your local pro shop or golf practice range if you can. You will want to get the feedback from hitting real golf balls on a range to make sure that you make the right choice.


Shaft flex is one of the most important factors in purchase a set of clubs. The shape and performance of the irons and metal woods can be ideal for you, but if the shaft flex is not suited to your swing speed your new clubs will not perform as you expected. This will leave you disappointed with your purchase. If your pro shop or local golf retailer have a swing speed monitor you should try it out to find out how fast you swing your clubs. If you swing your driver 85mph or less you should consider a senior flex shaft no matter what your actual age is. Under 100 should be a regular shaft. Over 100 is in the stiff shaft flex range and over 110 gets into specialty shafts with extra stiff setups.

Golf Bags

Make sure that whatever set you choose it also comes with a bag. The quality of golf bags varies greatly. If a set comes with a super cheap bag try to see if the retailer will upgrade the bag or charge just a little bit more for a nicer model. Golf bags should easily last for years and if you have a bag that starts to break down or has straps and zippers that break in the first year you'll wish you had invested a little bit more money on a higher quality design. Most bags are made of nylon type materials and are lightweight and easy to carry. If you don't plan on carrying your clubs you can get away with a larger and more sturdy leather cart bag. This is the kind of bag you see the pros use. They are durable and look nice but are hard to lug around. You'll want a caddy or cart if you decide on this upgrade. Most complete sets come with the smaller carry bag though.

Set Composition

Beginner sets may not have all the clubs a professional or seasoned amateur carry but they will have most of the clubs you need. Some specialty clubs may be missing, like a hybrid iron, or a sand wedge. You may want to purchase a few extra clubs to fill in any gaps that are created by missing clubs. Pre-configured sets may not come with a putter either. Plan on the cost of adding a quality putter when you compare prices on different sets.

Deciding on what kind of materials your clubs are made of will come down to physical ability and personal preferences. Clubs with graphite shafts are lighter and will allow for a quicker swing speed. Some steal shafts do approach the weight of graphite shafts so this isn't as important as it used to be. Clubheads are almost exclusively made of metal. The old style woods from the pre 1980's are hard to find and generally are only sold be specialty shops, so your choice will be what kind of metal do you want to choose. Forged irons are usually made with a softer metal and provide excellent feel. They are also the most difficult to hit. Cavity back irons are made with a harder stainless steel so they don't give the feedback of forged irons, but they are very forgiving and allow for off center hits.


An often overlooked option on a complete set is the grip. Grips come in various sizes and materials. Jumbo grips are made for golfers that have large hands or suffer from arthritis. Narrow grips are good for women and children. Standard size grips are usually what come on a mens set, but you can also decide on standard rubber or space age polymer material. They both have their advantages so you'll want to try out how the different grips feel and perform for you.

In conclusion, you should make sure that the set your purchase is the right set for you. The most popular irons or woods may not work that well for you, try them out and make your decision. Don't forget you may want to pick up some golf balls, tees, and other miscellaneous items when you buy your new clubs. Check out our other reviews and guides to find out what items fit your game, budget, and lifestyle.