Extend the Life of Your Golf Grips

Having to replace your grips often? Take these steps for longer grip life.

After each round take a damp cloth, like your golf towel, and quickly wipe your grips down. This will remove any excess oil or dirt that has stuck on the grips. Over time the oils from your hands and fertilizer from the golf course will break down the grips and cause them to age prematurely. This simple step will often extend the life of your grips for a couple of months.

If your grips are really getting slick try scrubbing them with some warm and soapy water. Make sure to rinse the grips and dry them immediately. Do not put any sticky spray or other stickem type substance on the grips, when this substance dries and hardens it will actually make your grips even more slick than before.

If your grips are beyond repair then make a trip to your local pro shop and have them replaced. Slick grips can add at least two strokes per nine to your score.