Using Lag to Drive the Ball Farther

One small change to your swing can help you produce large gains in distance. This change is creating more clubhead lag in your swing.

What is clubhead lag? When you swing any golf club, and especially the driver your hands will lead the clubhead down and into the ball. For this to happen with any kind of power your hands must be ahead of the clubhead. When you get towards the bottom of your swing the clubhead will release like the end of a whip and catch up to, and then pass, your hands. The longer you can hold the clubhead back and delay that whip the more lag you will generate. Creating more lag will create more power.

To attain more lag you only need to practice one simple drill. Tee up a ball like you normally would. We aren't going to hit the ball just yet, it's only for reference. Line up with your normal stance and address the ball. Now take a step away from the ball towards your back. We are now going to take some practice swings that will increase our lag power. Tak a normal backswing, but on your downswing try to pull your hands down towards the ball on a direct line. Think of the motion that you would need to do if you were pulling on a rope ringing a church bell. Take this practice swing five times and then try to hit the ball.

Repeat the process until you can feel the lag pressure in your swing. It won't take long to start hitting longer drives.