Start With Mini-Swings for Better Drives

If you are having trouble driving the ball a quick drill that you can do to iron out some problems is using mini-swings to groove a better motion.

At the practice range follow these steps.

Tee your ball up like you normally would and instead of taking a full swing take a much smaller mini-swing. You only want to take the club about one-quarter of the way back. Make sure you follow through to a full finish though. Don't worry about how far the ball travles, distance is not a worry with the first few swings.

After the one-quarter swing move the backswing length to half and hit another ball. Repeat for a three-quarters backswing and then finally a full swing. Run through this progression three or four times. You will probably find that you hit the ball just as far with a three-quarters swing as you do a full swing and many times with more control!

The mini-swing technique helps you build on solid swing fundamentals becuase it's much easier to make the proper moves and stay in position with a shorter and smaller swing.