Driving Drills

Extension Drill

Accelerating through the ball at impact is crucial for a solid strike. The extension drill will help to ingrain the feeling of hitting all the way through the ball. Tee a ball up like you normally would. Now place a tee about 3 inches past the normal position on the ball target line. For a right handed golfer you'll be putting a tee to the left of the ball.

Now remove the ball from the first tee. Take practice swings with your normal setup lined up like you are going to hit a ball off the first tee in the ground. Try to strike both tees with your driver.

Trying to strike both tee will force you to hit through the ball and maintain your extension and speed through the shot.

Half Speed Drill

If you are having trouble hitting your drives offline try the half speed drill. This drill will help you feel mistakes that you are making in your swing. This isn't a swing in slow motion, it's just at half the speed of normal.

Take your regualr driver swing but try to move everything at half the speed you normally would. You will be able to feel moves in you swing that may be causing you troulbe, such as:

  • Taking the club back on the wrong path
  • Hands rolling open or shut.
  • Jerky movements from the top of your backswing.

Notice that you still need to accelerate through the shot even though you are only applying about half the power and speed of your normal swing. If you are making mistakes at half speed it is almost impossible to correct them in a full speed swing.