Optimize your trajectory to hit you driver farther.

Hitting the ball hard or with a tremendous amount of clubhead speed is not the only factors that contribute to hitting long drives. To truly get maximum distance you also need to optimize your ball flight and trajectory. Launching your ball on an angle of around 12 degrees is optimal. That angle will produce an optimum trajectory. That optimum trajectory will also produce the longest amount of roll, thus maximizing your driver distance.

The best way to maximize your distance and trajectory is to make sure that you are using equipment that fits your swing. If you are hitting the ball too low you may have a shaft that is too stiff. To high and you probably have to much flex in your shaft. You'll never be able to achieve consistency with these conditions. You'll have to manipulate too many things in your swing to attain the proper ball flight.

Teeing the ball to low or high will also lead to bad launch conditions. You want to make sure you are striking the ball with the middle of the clubface. Clubs are designed with the sweet spot in the dead center of the club, you should try to hit it there.

You also need to make sure that you are teeing the ball in the proper position relative to your stance. If you place the ball too far back in your stance you'll strike the ball with too much of a descending blow and the ball-clubface angle will be too steep. If the ball is teed to far forward you'll likely balloon the ball into the air or hit a "sky" ball. Make sure you tee the ball approximately even with your left heel if you are a right handed golfer, right heel for a left hander.

It may take a while to find your optimum launch conditions. Go ahead and play around with different setups using the guidelines already stated. Try this at the practice range and watch your trajectory and distance improve.