Hit your Driver 20 Yards Farther

Add instant distance to your driver

Do you feel a "pop" at impact when you strike the ball? Does the ball explode off your clubface? Do you draw the ball with power? If not then there are a few steps you can take to increase your drives by 20 yards or more.

Utilize your hips to gain power and distance.

At the top of your backswing start with a slight movement of your hips towards the target. Don't sway, just try to give a little movement.

Your hips are now set a little forward. Turn your hips like you normally would and swing the club down like your normally would with your arms.

When you feel your hands are just above your waist move your left hip behind you quickly. This will cause your left leg to straighten. This creates a virtual wall that you can hit up against. All of the power will instead be unleashed into the club instead of other areas of your swing.

This move takes practice and can be a little hard on the left knee, so take it slow. Get the timing of this move down and and extra 20 yards awaits you.