An Unusual Tip - Blast your Driver from the Bunker

If you find yourself in a fairway bunker with a lot of distance to cover don't dismiss hitting your driver out of the bunker. This is not a common shot and if the conditions are right you can give this shot a go.

First off the sand needs to be firm and the ball must be sitting on top of it. If it's soft and powdery or the ball is sitting below the level of the sand at all this shot will not work. Grab an iron and try this one another day!

A slight uphill lie will also help and the bunker shouldn't have any type of lip in front of it. If all the conditions are right go ahead and give this one a try.

Play the ball forward in your stance. Swing with about 85 to 90 percent power. You have to swing a little easier becuase it's important to keep your footing in the sand. To powerful of a swing and you'll throw yourself off balance, which can be disastrous. Don't shift your weight to the left side as quickly either. Hang back and stay behind the ball a little bit. Try to catch the ball towards the botton of the clubface. This will give the ball more backspin and provide the lift you need to clear the edge of the bunker.

Give this shot a try when you really need to get some distance out of the bunker.