Play to your driving strengths

A bad drive can happen before you even swing your driver. Playing to the weakest parts of your game is sure fire way add strokes to your score. Instead, play to your strengths and hit more fairways with a few simple techniques.

What is your normal shot shape?

If you normally fade or slice the ball it would be unwise to hit a driver on a hole that doglegs to the left. Chances are you will end up hitting the ball into the rough on the right, or you may hit through the dogleg all together and end up in the woods or a water hazard. Instead try hitting a three wood or even a long iron. You may end up sacraficing distance, but the loss of distance will be made up for with easier second shots from the fairway.

How far do you need to hit the ball?

Trying to hit the ball as far as you can isnt always the best policy. If you hit your 7 iron really well but cant hit the broad side of a barn with a 9 iron you would be served better by hitting the 9 iron. remember, you want to hit clubs that you have confidence with.