Hit it Better with Perfect Posture

One of the biggest power leaks when driving the golf ball is incorrect posture. Not aligning yourself with the correct posture will cause you to swing on too steep or too shallow of a plane. Energy will not be transferred to the clubhead efficiently without getting in the right position. Try these steps for perfect posture.

1. Stand tall. Donít slouch or reach for the ball. Slouching will cause you to pick the club up with your first move instead of swinging the club back on the correct plane. Reaching for the ball will cause a shallow and flat plane which will make it very difficult to drive the ball straight.

2. Bend from your hips. If you curve your spine or get to much bend in your knees youíll never achieve consistent contact. You will have too much up and down movement in your swing. Let your arms hang straight down from your shoulders and bend from your hips until your hands meet the golf club when it is resting with its sole flatly on the ground.

Now that you are in a perfect posture setup all you have to do is maintain a proper swing plane and your drives will fly farther and straighter.