Control your clubface for more accurate shots

How far and how straight you hit the ball is determined by the angle and speed at which you present the clubface to the ball. If the clubface is not pointing down your target line and is approaching the ball at an odd angle, your shot will not end up where you wanted it to go. Learning to control your clubface is key.

Drill 1 - Position at the top

The easiest way to control your clubface is to keep it square throughout your swing. This drill will require an observer to watch your backswing. Take a normal backswing and stop at the top and hold that position. Ask the observer, who should be standing directly towards the back of your stance and looking down the target line, where the face of your club is pointing. If it is pointing at the sky you are in a closed position and will have trouble returning the clubhead to the ball in a square alignment. If the toe of the club is pointing at the ground you are in an open position. You'll have problems from their as well. The proper angle of the clubhead is actually a 45 degree angle at the top. This is a square position and you won't have to manipulate the club in the downswing to get back to a square position. This will make it much easier to hit long and straight drives. Practice this until you get the position right.

Drill 2 - Left hand square at the bottom

Attaning a square position at the top of the backswing isnt enough to guarantee proper clubhead control. you also have to have a square position at impact. You can use this drill to practice the proper left hand position at impact. Find a doorway that you can simulate a golf swing in, hallways work well too. Stand facing the doorway with your feet about a foot and a half from the threshold of the doorway. Now act like you are holding a golf club and line up so that the back of your left hand is basically flat against the wall on one side of the doorway. Now swing back like you normally would but with a slower motion. Swing back down to the impact position in slow motion and recreate the square position you started with.

It may not seem like this drill is doing much for you but it will ingrain into your swing the proper position that you need to hit long drives by controlling the clubface.