3 Wood Off the Tee

Keep the ball in play

Having trouble keeping the ball in play when hitting your tee shots? There is a quick and simple solution.

Tee off with your 3 wood.

This simple technique is often overlooked by amateurs and utilized by professionals. The mindset on the tee is often times to hit it as far as you possibly can. This leads to wild misses left and right, and playing out of the woods or taking penalty strokes for out-of-bounds shots and balls hit into the water negates any added distance.

Do this and keep your ball in play:

  • Tee the ball much lower than you normally would. Just off the ground.
  • Align the ball so that it is just to the right of your left foot (for right handers).
  • Take a normal stroke without trying to hit it too hard to make up for any distance loss.

I bet you'll find yourself playing out of the fairway more often and striking better shots. Most amateurs don't lose that much distance either. The trade off is often times well worth the sacrafice.