Perfect Golf Grip Pressure

The golf grip is what connects your body and all of its moving parts to the actual golf club. This makes it one of the most important building blocks of a solid golf swing. The tendency of most golfers is to grab the club and grip it with a firm grasp. This is the most natural way to do it, kind of like grabbing a baseball bat, but it can lead to tension in the wrists and forearms. This is one of the major leaks of power and speed in the golf swing. Try this instead.

The golf club should be gripped lightly and in the fingers of your hand. Not the palms. It has been described in the past that you should hold onto the club like you would a baby bird. Light enough not to injure the bird, but firm enough to keep it from escaping. This is the perfect grip pressure.

Remember to relax and make sure you don't tighten your grip when you start your backswing. The start of the backswing often times triggers an automatic response to grip the club more tightly.

Here are some more tips related to the golf grip:

Correct Golf Grip