Keep Your Head Down

The worst advice in golf

Hit your shot fat? Striking it thin. Maybe you chunked your chip shot 2 yards. One of the first pieces of advice you often hear is, "You looked up on that shot. Keep your head down." This is some of the worst advice in golf.

Keeping your head down and focused on one spot leads to tension and the inability to fully rotate during the golf swing. The advice you should be getting is to keep your head level. Allow your head to move back or turn slightly on the backswing on the same level it starts at. This will facilitate a full tension free turn. On the downswing don't even think about moving your head forward, let it happen naturally. Just focus on keeping it on the same level.

When your arms get past the ball and about waist high you'll start to come up and out of your swing. This is natural, let your body do it. If you try to fight it you'll introduce bad habits into your swing. The ball will be long gone so it won't affect your shot. Look at any pro when they finish their full swing. They are always standing up with a nice high finish and looking down the fairway. There head is anything but down.