Make Your Hands Work Together

A better golf grip

The hands were meant to work together in a golf swing, not against each other. If your hands are out of sync then they will be fighting each other. That conflict will cause power and accuracy to leak out through the hands. The clubhead speed that you generate will not be fully applied through your hands, down the shaft, and to the clubhead.

Here's how you can get your hands working together for a perfect golf grip.

Make your hands flat like you would if you were doing a karate chop. The thumbs should be up tight against your index finger. Now bend the top of your thumbs out without removing the bottom of your thumb from your index finger. The tops of your thumbs should be slightly pointing out.

Now grip the club grip the club by placing your thumbs directly down the center of the shaft. Close your fingers around the club and rest your thumbs down the middle of the shaft. You now have a perfectly neutral grip.

This grip may feel funny at first, but give it a few shots and you'll get used to it. If you feel the grip is to weak or to strong you can rotate your hands to a stronger or weaker position, just make sure that you rotate both hands the same amount and in the same direction. If you rotate them the same amount they will still be working together just in a strong or neutral position.