Control the Ball in Crosswinds

Controlling the ball in a crosswind is a vital key to scoring. Most players have a tendency to under play the curve that is caused by the wind. There are a few things you can do to compensate for the wind and hit the ball close to the hole.

When it's a little windy you may have a tendency to swing a harder. Resist this the urge to do this. It is more important to swing a little easier to maintain a solid base. Take a little bit wider stance to create a stable base. Take a slightly shorter swing and maintain your tempo throughout the swing. Hold onto the club a little more firmly with the last 3 fingers of your left hand (right hand if you are a lefty). This increased pressure will cause the club to rotate a little bit more slowly which will take off some of the sidespin on the ball.

Remember you may have to aim off the fairway at the rough or even a bunker. Although you shouldn't aim at any trouble areas of the course this is one time you may have too. The added crosswind can take the ball all the way across the fairway. So control your swing speed and tempo and make a solid strike. You'll like the results.