The 100 Yard 5 Iron

Navigate overhanging obstacles with this simple shot

Hit it into the woods? Are you only 100 yards away and you have a path to the green but overhanging branches are in your way? This is the perfect time to try the 100 yard 5 iron.

This is a great shot to try if you need to punch back out of the woods and there are no hazards in front of you. The ball will come out low but with enough velocity to travel about 100 yards, on average. Your shot may travel a little bit longer or shorter so adjust accordingly.

Here is how to hit the shot.

  • Take your normal stance and alignment
  • Grid down on the club about 2 inches
  • Swing back until your hands are about waist high
  • Cock the club so that it makes and L shape with your left arm. (The club should be pointing straight up at the sky)
  • Swing through with a smooth but accelerating montion.
  • Try to finish low with your right hand about as high as your left was on the backswing

Be careful not to hit this shot to hard. You want the forward swing to be smooth. The ball will come out with a low trajectory and will travel about 100 yards. The ball will run when it hits the ground becuase it will have very little backspin compared to a regular iron shot.

Practice this one to escape some tough situations.