Examine Your Situation

Choose the best option to score better

When you hit a ball offline, like we all do, you have to examine your situation and make a plan to get your ball back into play.  Don't feel like you have to get the next ball on the green.  Doing so may cost you more strokes then if you just hit the ball back into play.  This is called taking your medicine and it's a bitter pill but is necessary to salvage your round from a big number.

In the Deep Rough

If you find yourself in very deep rough it's almost impossible to hit any type of long iron or wood.  The deep grass can actually wrap around the clubshaft causing the club to decelerate on the downswing.  You won't have a chance to get out of deep stuff and will more than likely face the same shot again.  Try taking a wedge and hitting back to the fairway.  The shorter length of the shaft and steeper downswing angle will limit how much grass gets around your club giving you a better chance for success.

The Uneven Lie

Uneven lies are sometimes difficult to navigate. If you are a long way from the green on a downhill lie the face angle relative to the golf ball becomes very small with a long iron.  You may have to hit a long iron to traverse the full distance but it will be hard to get the ball up in the air.  Try a shorter iron and play to a distance that you feel really comfortable with.  It may take you another shot to get onto the green, but you will probably have more success and shoot a lower score with this strategy.

These are just a few strategies that you can use to get the ball back and play.  Consider all of your options and play to your strengths.