Golf bag with clubs

Tips for Beginner Golfers

Taking up the game of golf may seem like a daunting task. The equipment can be expensive, lessons aren't cheap, and golf has lingo all its own. Trust us when we tell you that in the end it's all worth it. Golf can be an enjoyable game that you can play for the rest of your life. The handicap system also allows you to match up with and play against golfers of all skill levels. We have many free golf tips on this site to help you get started, here are a few of the main ones that will set you on the path to better golf.

Tip #1 Swing easy at the ball
There is a tendency for new golfers to feel like they have to swing at the ball as hard as they can. This is almost always a bad idea. It's harder to control the clubhead and deliver it in the proper position when you exert maximum force. Try to feel like you are swinging the club with about seventy percent of your power. You'll strike the shot more solidly and increase your chances of a successful shot.

Tip #2 Start with nine holes
A round of golf is when you play 18 holes. The first nine holes, numbered 1 to 9, is called the front nine. The second nine holes, 10 through 18, is called the back nine. Eighteen holes is quite a challenge for beginning golfers. Most courses will allow you to play only nine holes for about half the price of a full round. Holes 9 and 18 usually end close to the clubhouse, although this is not always true. Try playing only 9 holes to start, otherwise you may be on the course for a lot longer than you anticipated, which can sour you on the whole experience.

Golf Courses for Beginners

Another option for beginning golfers is the executive style golf courses. These courses will feature 9 or 18 hole layouts that are much shorter in length than other courses. The abbreviated distance puts less of a premium on hitting drivers and long irons. Shorter irons are easier to hit and control. You can usually finish the round in a shorter amount of time as well. It really is a good idea for beginners to start out on these scaled down and less challenging layouts.

Golf Schools for Beginners

If you do get bit by the golf bug you may want to invest some time and money in a beginners golf school. You can get plenty of great instruction right here on this website, but in case you are interested here are a few well known golf schools.

Nicklaus Flick Golf School
Jim McLean Golf School
Butch Harmon Golf School

Recommended Golf Clubs for Beginners

Starting out you may actually play with a set of rented or borrowed clubs. We recommend borrowing clubs because rentals are usually very low quality and won't reward your good shots and will make your bad shots even worse. If you enjoy playing you will probably want to buy your own equipment. This can be quite a confusing world. You have many choices. Do you buy a whole complete set at once? Do you buy your woods separate from the irons. What type of irons should you purchase? Will any old putter do? These aren't easy questions to answer. We suggest you take a look at our guides and also talk to your local professional or a golf store representative. Don't feel pressured to buy on the first visit. Clubs are a major investment and you'll likely want to keep the same set for at least five years in order to get good value out of them. Try out several sets and get fitted for clubs that suit your game. Many professionals will host fitting and trial days at their course or range for free. Take advantage of these oppourtunites to try out different makes and models. The final choice will be up to you so make sure you are informed.