4 Iron

The four iron is considered one of the "long irons" in golf.  It is believed by many golfers to be one of the harder clubs to hit, and for this reason the hybrid 4 iron has become quite popular and often takes the place of a traditional four iron.  It is slightly harder to hit because of the minimal amount of loft and the traditional length of the shaft.  That combination makes it harder to keep a ball online compared to the shorter irons.  We get questions about every club in the bag and here are a few about the four iron:

What loft is a four iron?

Modern 4 irons have around 25 degrees of loft.  In the past four irons had up to 29 degrees of loft.  The change has to do with manufacturers making the lofts of modern clubs stronger so that today's clubs fly a bit longer than they did in the past.  Of course this is just a numbers game and players aren't really hitting the ball farther they are hitting what used to be considered a three iron.

How far should a four iron go?

Professional golfers can hit a four iron over 200 yards.  Most male amateurs will hit their four iron about 180-200 yards.   Women golfers in general hit the ball about 15 yards less or around 165 to 185 yards.

What are some popular models?

Taylormade Burner Plus 4 Iron
Titleist AP2 4 Iron
Ping I10 4 Iron